Marketing Strategy

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360° Integrated Marketing

Companies can no longer afford to view the functions of marketing, sales, customer care, creative, public relations and social media as independent silos. All of the the activities that combine to create the outward facing expression of a brand—be it the landing page after clicking on a Facebook ad or a midday phone conversation with a customer care representative. The ability of a brand to maintain consistency across all of its communications channels boosts the potential for relationship-building over the long haul. A truly seamless experience is how brands today win—and keep—loyal customers.

Making the corporate mindset transition from viewing the marketing divisions as island to, instead, as interdependent gears powering a customer-centric powerhouse brand is essential. The Pixelle views the marketing communications solution not as a checklist of tactics but as a culmination of complex and blended touch points as perceived from the target audience's point of view. A truly integrated approach is at the very core of the coveted seamless brand experience consumers demand in today's marketplace.

Branding & Brand Management

For the world's top organizations, there are few things more important than their brand. A healthy, strong brand owns mindshare, occupies the top of the consideration set and commands the top price point in the category. A weak, unestablished one is invisible to prospective customers.

Above all else, building a top brand takes consistency, transparency and an honest approach. The Pixelle will conduct a comprehensive brand assessment—including a competitive evaluation and measurement of industry-wide sentiment. After obtaining an objective perspective of the state of the brand, recommendations for building, maintaining and protecting your brand's equity can be prescribed. We will help you strengthen your brand and proactively guard against potential pitfalls—those that can be conceived and those that cannot.

Marketing Research

Marketing that reaches target audiences with the right information at the right time is no accident. Consumer lifestyles have diversified into a kaleidoscope of different configurations. Meaningful marketing communications begins with an understanding of the consumer insights gleaned through thorough marketing research.

Decades ago, a brand could run commercials on the three major networks, run an ad in the local paper, toss up a billboard and be assured that they were reaching the vast majority of potential customers. No more. Gaining a true understanding the unique backgrounds, lifestyles, opinions, wants, needs and desires of your target audiences is essential to knowing how to reach prospects, when to reach them and what to say that will resonate and inspire action.

Social Networks & Digital Media

Social networks and digital media present brands with new and exciting ways to interact with customers, build loyalty and excitement around your product or service. The Pixelle will help your brand break through the clutter and direct its relationship-building activities where they will be most effective in engaging audiences in their digital communications comfort zone.

For companies new to the digital scene, we take a step back and assess which networks offer the greatest opportunity to connect with consumers and other audiences—and sometimes if online makes sense at all. The move away from one-size-fits-all advertising applies to the online space as well. We'll never suggest diving head-first into the latest social network "because everyone's doing it."

For companies already experiencing success engaging their customer base online, The Pixelle will assess the the level of engagement across the various types of content and interactions the brand is experiencing. We'll also look at what others in the industry are doing. Together, we'll sculpt a social media marketing strategy that amplifies existing successes and strengths and sprinkles those efforts with research-based enhancements and recommendations.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing—in its traditional print form and newer digital forms—is all about leveraging marketing research and insights to predict the perfect messaging, the ideal times, the right offers and the best sequence to earn—and keep—customers. Continual evaluation and analysis of response rates, cart size and other buying trends are used to tweak client's direct marketing efforts to boost conversion rates and extend the customer life cycle. Whether your company is a direct mail veteran or preparing to launch your first campaign on a shoestring budget, we can custom-tailor a direct marketing strategy to suit any budget.

Internal Communications

Companies need not look any father than their own employees for trusted word of mouth evangelists. A radiating halo effect of awareness, positive perceptions and overall community goodwill occur when employees internalize the right messages and share them with the public in an organic, natural way.

The Pixelle can help companies empower their team to share their stories, experiences and "insider" tips and tidbits. Done correctly and with complete transparency, employees can offer an unmatched genuine enthusiasm, deep knowledge and personal experience external hired hands cannot replicate.

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